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Frequently Asked Questions about the platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we ship? To all country members of the European Union.

What am I exactly receiving? A print on high-quality photographic paper, delivered on a packaging carton tube.

How is my money split between the artist and the Real Pixel Art? 100% of the profit goes to the artist. Today, the fee that the company / employees take on every sale is 0%. Temporarily, on the first stages of this business, the team behind Real Pixel Art has decided to not have salaries, nor the company to have profit. 

We have decided to introduce a small and fair fee only when the platform achieves certain scale and volume. Which means we will have achieved our goal: "Create a side income for independent digital artists so that they can live from their creations". 

I am a Pixel Artist, how can I join the platform and sell my art? That's easy :). The platform is opened to everyone! Email us at and we will tell you all about it!

If your question hasn't been answered, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will update this post with new popular questions. Updated 23rd Jul 18.

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